PKCS#11: Cryptographic Token Interface Standard

From early 2013, PKCS#11 moved to the OASIS PKCS11 technical committee. All future PKCS#11 development will be handled under OASIS.

For older releases the main PKCS#11 site at RSA used to contain the offical copies of the standard but is no longer active.

These RSA Security Inc. Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) documents were produced from the original standard document using Open Office to export it in MediaWiki format then processed through some custom perl scripts and then passed into a modified version of doxygen to finally produce the HTML output. The text of the standard is otherwise unchanged.

Each document can be viewed online, downloaded as a gzipped-tarfile for local usage or the original PDF of the standard is available along with a link to the official include files. A complete archive of the HTML versions of all the standards is available as a single 3.5Mb gzipped tarfile here

Version 2.40

Refer to the OASIS PKCS11 technical committee.

Version 2.30

This is the current draft of the new version of the standard and as such is an indication of what future vendor products will support.


Version 2.20

Published 28 June 2004 this is the current version of the standard.


Version 2.11

Revision 1 published November 2001.


Version 2.10

Published December 1999.


Version 2.01

Published 22 December 1997.


Version 2.0

Published 15 April 1997.


Version 1.0

Published 28 April 1995.