Comments from our customers, partners, and peers.

"BDT and Cryptsoft have a long history of working together to meet the security demands of the storage market."
"By embedding Cryptsoft's KMIP SDKs, we have ensured that BDT storage products can seamlessly integrate into the most secure enterprise environments."

Bernd Krause, CEO of BDT Storage GmbH.
"Dell customers rely on Storage Center to safely secure their data-at-rest. To deploy standards-based enterprise key management, it simply made sense for us to work with the industry's leading KMIP provider with Cryptsoft's proven KMIP SDKs"
Travis Vigil, Executive Director of Product Management for Dell Storage.
"HP has embraced KMIP technology across many product lines, including the robust, proven HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) to leverage the benefits of an open standard combined with the implementation expertise of partners like Cryptsoft to meet the needs of our customers."
Albert Biketi, General Manager, Atalla, Enterprise Security Products, HP.
"Cryptsoft's SDK's are a tested means to a rapid KMIP implementation and shortened time to market"
"The HyTrust DataControl solution for data encryption now provides full KMIP server capabilities using technology from Cryptsoft, a world-wide leader in the enterprise key management security market"

Bill Hackenberger, VP of Data Security at HyTrust.
"As shown by researchers last year, the use of a poor RNG often remains a major vulnerability in cryptographic implementations. With the integration of our proven Quantis RNG into Cryptsoft's KMIP C server, we are proud to support the KMIP community and ensure that the RNG vulnerability becomes something of the past."
Grégoire Ribordy, CEO, id Quantique
"Customers demand data encryption and sovereignty, workload integrity and confidentiality as fundamental security needs to adapt data center virtualization and cloud deployment models. Asserting enterprise control on these data center assets requires key management solutions from vendors such as Cryptsoft. This will help keep cryptographic keys within enterprise control and alleviate restrictions on secure movement of data and workloads. Integrated solutions with vendors like Cryptsoft help accomplish control and compliance needs"
Ravi Varanasi, General Manager of the Cloud Security team, Intel Data Center Group.
"Cryptsoft is the clear market leader in KMIP technologies and their extensive experience in managing security objects within all infrastructure and service models was critical for us. By implementing KMIP in Prognosis®, we can provided enhanced security for our existing customers, we can meet the stringent security requirements coming out of the regulated sectors, and we can also provide the flexibility and ease of use that our customers providing cloud based solutions are demanding."
Bryce Dunn, Head of Product Management, IR.
"Cryptsoft is a true champion of KMIP - having embraced KMIP as an early proponent of the standard, they have established themselves as the major supplier of KMIP technology to the industry while also helping to drive the unrelenting evolution of the standard. Cryptsoft's implementations deliver on the promises of multi-vendor interoperability without additional complexity or exorbitant cost"
David Ponzini, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Marketing
"Data security is a key element of our Data Fabric vision, which gives customers the confidence that no matter where their data lives, they can control, integrate, move, secure and consistently manage it. Cryptsoft KMIP technology integrated with NetApp AltaVault solutions enables enterprises to confidently secure cloud-based backup and recovery data and services using industry leading KMIP-based key management."
Tim Russell, Vice President, Product Security, NetApp.
"Cryptsoft is a true OASIS success story. When Cryptsoft joined our organization five years ago, they quickly took on a leadership role, shepherding technical development, promoting interoperability, and sharing ideas with other members. They were instrumental in the growth of several major security standards, and in the process, their company grew to become a leader in the cryptographic market."
Laurent Liscia, CEO and executive director of OASIS
"The Cryptsoft team have proven invaluable in delivering a robust encryption key management solution. The ease with which we could integrate their SDK, their detailed knowledge of the specification and their ability to partner with EKM providers really helped us meet our aggressive time-to-market objectives"
Shyam Desirazu, Vice President of Engineering, Panzura.
"The ability to securely store and distribute encryption keys is critical for customers deploying encryption to protect their critical data assets from the broad range of threats that they face today. Customers choose our solutions to simplify their data management infrastructure, and KMIP technology from Cryptsoft integrated into our storage platforms will allow our customers to take advantage of the growing ecosystem of KMIP-compliant solutions for key management, securing keys and simplifying the administration of encryption."
Jacob Cherian, VP Product Management and Product Strategy, Reduxio.
"As one of the primary supporters of the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) specification, RSA continues to demonstrate the benefits of interoperable key management combined with formal certification of products." [like Cryptsoft's KMIP SDKs].
Sam Curry - Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Technologist at RSA, The Security Division of EMC.
"Working closely with members of the Cryptsoft team, SNIA developed a KMIP conformance test program that validates security key management interoperability across servers and clients. Cryptsoft's tools, commitment, and staff are all essential for this program to be available to the industry in a timely fashion,"
Wayne M. Adams, Chairman Emeritus of SNIA.
"Cryptsoft's KMIP technology will help Venafi customers secure and protect cryptographic keys and digital certificates using open interoperability standards"
Kevin Bocek, VP Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence at Venafi.
"Key management technology is difficult to get right and trusted security technology providers around the world have turned to Cryptsoft for their proven standards-based toolkits"
Richard Moulds, Vice President of Strategy, Whitewood.