Cryptsoft Products

Cryptsoft provides a range of products including the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), and OASIS Public Key Cryptography Standard #11 (PKCS#11) and smartcard solutions.

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Key Management Products

Cryptsoft provides a full range of key management solutions.

KMIP Client SDKs

Cryptsoft offers C, C++, JAVA, C-Sharp (.NET), and Python based KMIP SDKs which provide the required functionality for implementing a KMIP client (or a KMIP server).
  • KMIP SDKs DataSheet Brochure   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP Product Family   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP C Client SDK   [DataSheet]       Fully supports both C and C++ across a broad range of platforms
  • KMIP C++ Client SDK   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP Java Client SDK   [DataSheet]       Fully supports Java across a broad range of Java versions
  • KMIP C-Sharp (.NET) Client SDK   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP Python Client SDK   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP Use Case Test Suite (KXUC)  [DataSheet]
  • KMIP PKCS#11 Adapters  
  • KMIP Protocol Adapters  

KMIP Server SDKs

Cryptsoft also offers both C and JAVA based KMIP Servers which are built on top of the corresponding KMIP client SDKs to offer fully functional KMIP servers for OEM integration.


For platform details for the C SDKs refer to the Platform List.

OASIS KMIP interop testing information is available at KMIP Interop

External certifications of KMIP products available at KMIP Certifications

Authentication Token Products

Cryptsoft also supports various authentication tokens as optional (separately licensed) components within the SDKs.

Hardware Security Modules

Cryptsoft supports various options for increased hardware based security as optional (separately licensed) components within various SDKs.
  • Intel®SGX (Intel® Software Guard Extensions)
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) via PKCS#11
  • Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG)


Cryptsoft supports building your own PKCS#11 interface or device with a range of PKCS#11 SDKs.
  • PKCS#11 SDK
  • PKCS#11 Performance Measurement
  • PKCS#11 Network Transport
  • PKCS#11 ISO/IEC 24727 Adapter
  • PKCS#11 KMIP Adapter

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