Certificate 614 - HICOS PKI Smart Card
intCertNum 614
strVendorName Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
strURL http://www.cht.com.tw
strAddress1 12, Lane 551, Min-Tsu Road SEC.5
strAddress2 Yang-Mei
strCity Taoyuan
strStateProv Taiwan
strPostalCode 326
strCountry 326
strContact Yeou-Fuh Kuan
strEmail kufo@cht.com.tw
strPhone +886-3-424-4333
strFax +886-3-424-4129
strContact2 Char-Shin Miou
strEmail2 mcs@cht.com.tw
strFax2 +886-3-424-4129
strPhone2 +886-3-424-4381
intCertNum 614
strModuleName HICOS PKI Smart Card
strPartNumber Hardware Version: HD65145C1;
Firmware Versions: HardMask: 1.0, SoftMask: 3.0;
Software Versions: GINA Applet: 1.0, PKI Applet: 1.0, FISC II Applet: 1.2
memModuleNotes When operated in FIPS mode
str140Version 140-2
_sp_ Security Policy   [pdf][html][txt]
_cert_ Certificate   [pdf][txt]
strModuleType Hardware
strValidationDate 01/06/2006
intOverallLevel 2
memIndividualLevelNotes -Cryptographic Module Ports and Interfaces: Level 3;-Roles, Services, and Authentication: Level 3;-Physical Security: Level 3;-EMI/EMC: Level 3;-Design Assurance: Level 3
strFIPSAlgorithms RSA (Cert. #72);
Triple-DES (Cert. #355);
SHS (Cert. #357);
RNG (Cert. #107);
AES (Cert. #272);
HMAC (Cert. #87);
Triple-DES MAC (Cert. #355, vendor affirmed)
strConfiguration Single-chip
memModuleDescription The HICOS PKI smart card module is a single chip implementation of a cryptographic module. The HICOS PKI smart card module is mounted in an ID-1 class smart card body that adheres to ISO/IEC specifications for Integrated Circuit Chip (ICC) based identification cards. The HICOS PKI Smart Card cryptographic module contains an implementation of the Open Platform (OP) Version 2.0.1 specification defining a secure infrastructure for post-issuance programmable smart card chips.
intModuleCount 1
strFirstValidtionDate 01/06/06 00:00:00
strLabName DOMUS
strValidationYear 2006