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Cryptsoft continues to extend its role as the global market-leading supplier of Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) technologies to the storage and infrastructure market segments by adding DataDirect Networks (DDN) to Cryptsoft's long list of valued customers.

Cryptsoft's trusted and market proven KMIP technology has been licensed for DDN's Flash Storage, Block Storage, GRIDScaler and AI Storage product ranges, which currently encompasses over twenty-five separate products targeting a wide range of storage market sectors. With Cryptsoft's KMIP SDK, DDN can rapidly deliver standards based critical security technology to their customers so they can leverage a broad mix of existing inhouse and onsite key management systems (KMS) from a wide range of vendors that offer varying levels of KMIP standard compliance.

"With more customers demanding increased data security across a wide range of use cases, selecting Cryptsoft to help us add KMIP capability to our solutions was an easy choice given their market knowledge, extensive experience, and impressive customer roster," said Bret Weber, Executive Vice President, Global Engineering Operations at DDN.

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Cryptsoft welcomes Hitachi, Ltd. as an Enterprise Customer. This engagement enables Hitachi to deploy the latest version of Cryptsoft's standards-based KMIP (Key Management interoperability Protocol) across the entire a wide range of Hitachi data storage products.

Adopting Cryptsoft's market-leading OEM key management technology will allow Hitachi to bolster its existing KMIP capability and enable it to seamlessly keep pace with the latest developments in the KMIP standard while bringing their solutions to market sooner, with minimal engineering cost and overhead.

"It was a natural choice to select Cryptsoft to help us provide the increased capability offered in the latest KMIP versions to meet customers' increasing key management requirements," said Nobuyuki Osaki, Director, Storage Element Management Development Dept., IT Platform Products Management Division, Hitachi, Ltd.

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Cryptsoft further cemented their position as the preferred supplier of Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) technology to blue-chip, market leading customers by adding Infinidat to their comprehensive list of customers. By licensing to Infinidat, Cryptsoft's encryption key management technology has been deployed to help Infinidat meet stringent security and performance requirements for business and government while supporting Infinidat's sub-millisecond access across multi-petabyte data sets required of a high-performance storage industry provider serving the Global 500.

"Our customers demand continuous availability and high performance at petabyte-scale. Cryptsoft's KMIP SDK quickly integrated with our InfiniBox product to provide us with Enterprise Key Management interoperability at the reliability and performance our customers are expecting. Knowing there was Cryptsoft technology deployed in our target key management servers means we can focus on speed and scale, confident the encryption key management was taken care of." said Eldar Kleiner, VP of R&D at Infinidat.

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Cryptsoft Quality Management System has passed audit assessment under ISO 9001:2015.
A copy of the updated certificate for 2019 is available.
Cryptsoft has again extended the use of standards conformant enterprise key management into the 'Software Defined Everything' market with its latest customer, Hedvig Inc.

Hedvig, an innovative supplier of software-defined storage has recognized and acted upon customer demand for software defined solutions that leverage OASIS KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) to provide full lifecycle management of data encryption keys and related certificates. Implementing KMIP enables Hedvig to offer all of their customers and prospects an interoperable, unified security object management solution across all platform types including traditional on-prem, cloud, virtualization, containerization, backup, and archive solutions.

"With more customers demanding full KMIP conformance across a wide range of use cases, selecting Cryptsoft to help us add KMIP capability to the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform was an easy choice given their market knowledge, the ease of integration and the fact that we get immediate validation with the majority of the KMIP Key Management Servers by virtue of the fact that the majority of them are also Cryptsoft customers" said Avinash Lakshman, CEO & Founder at Hedvig.

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