Key Management Interoperability Protocol

Cryptsoft provides a range of KMIP products including:
  • KMIP Product Family   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP C Client SDK   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP Java Client SDK   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP C Server Components SDK   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP Java Server Components SDK   [DataSheet]
  • KMIP Use Case Test Suite (KXUC)  [DataSheet]
  • KMIP C-Sharp (.NET) Client SDK  
  • KMIP Python Client SDK  
  • KMIP PKCS#11 Adaptors  
  • KMIP Protocol Adaptors  
Cryptsoft offers C, JAVA, C-Sharp (.NET), and Python based KMIP SDKs which provide the required functionality for implementing a KMIP client (or server).

Cryptsoft offers both C and JAVA based KMIP Servers which are built on top of the corresponding KMIP SDKs to offer fully functional KMIP servers for OEM integration.

For platform details for the C SDKs refer to the Platform List.

OASIS KMIP interop testing information is available at KMIP Interop

External certifications of KMIP products available at KMIP Certifications

OASIS KMIP Specification

KMIP TC documents

KMIP 1.0

Official OASIS Standard.

KMIP 1.1

Official OASIS Standard.

KMIP 1.2

Pending official OASIS Standard (candidate OASIS standard).

KMIP 1.3

Committee draft level.

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