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Cryptsoft is based in Brisbane, Australia which is in the GMT+10 timezone.
If you are calling from the USA business hours overlap late afternoon (Mon-Thu).
If you are calling from Europe business hours overlap early morning (Mon-Fri).

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Phone+61 7 3103 0321
Fax+61 7 3009 0321
Mail AddressP.O. Box 6389, Fairfield Gardens, 4103, Queensland, Australia
Office Address22 Aylesford St, Annerley, 4103, Queensland, Australia
ACN074 537 821
ABN50 074 537 821

About Cryptsoft

Cryptsoft was established in 1996 by Tim Hudson and Eric Young as a security consulting firm for software based security systems around SSLeay and OpenSSL.

Tim and Eric took a side journey to establish RSA Security Australia and worked on security toolkits initially based on SSLeay. Eric continues to work for RSA.

After more than a decade since establishment Cryptsoft continues to offer specialist services for software and hardware developers in the area of security system design, deployment and validation.

Cryptsoft provides expertise in most security technologies.


Queensland Government GITC

Cryptsoft is registered under GITC with registration number Q-3572 for consulting and contracting services for Queensland Government agencies.

Cryptsoft is also a member of the Queensland Health PSA2000 ICT Contracting Services Panel.

Queensland Government PKI Audit Panel

Cryptsoft is accredited to perform Queensland Government PKI Audits as of 31-Mar-2010 as a member of the QGPKI Audit Panel under Whole of Government (WOG) Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Audit Panel - X.TEN.0213 operated by CITEC. Refer to for more information about Queensland Government PKI.


Cryptsoft is a Sponsor Level Member of OASIS and an active participant in the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and the PKCS#11 Technical Committees.


Cryptsoft is a voting member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and a voting member of the Storage Security Industry Forum (SSIF).

FIDO Alliance

Cryptsoft is a member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance

Quality Management System

The Cryptsoft Quality Management System is formally certified to ISO 9001:2008. A copy of the certification certificate is available for 2013 and 2010. For Cryptsoft, International Certifications is the conformity assessment body (CAB) accredited under the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAZ-ANZ). Cryptsoft is on the Queensland Government Register of Quality Assured Suppliers with entry id 7228.

General Contact

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